Farah D ( @farahdhukai )

2:44 AM Apr 21, 2017
🙌🏽INSTANT FACELIFT 😺 shrink pores. tighten skin. get rid of acne. heal scars. pretty much achieve perfect skin. HOW??? 👇🏽 👌🏾Go on amazon. Get a cupping kit ($25). change your life. Ive been doing this for the last little while and ive had so many ppl ask if ive had filler in my face and tbh this is alllll ive been doing. its LIFE changing. ☕️This is DRY CUPPING (hijama). It “boosts”ur cardiovascular system and gets your blood circulating. Increased blood flow = HEALTHY “PERFECT” skin! It also reduces inflammation (acne) and activates lymphatic drainage = reduce puffiness, lifts/tightens, removes dark circles ALL YOU NEED: ✅Facial Cups - I got mine from LURE ✅Any oil - I used Chia oil ‼️ #1 RULE - ALWAYS KEEP THE CUPS MOVING OTHERWISE YOU WILL BRUISE. 🍗apply oil to CLEAN face -I use the pink exfoliator to gently massage the oil all over 👄I do my brows and lips 1st with the small cups - gently squeeze to get suction + “stick” where u want to treat, immediately release and do it again. DO NOT GO ON YOUR EYELID or under eyes. Temple, and brow bone only. I do the same to my lips, but after im done, i run the suction along my lips to get a nice plump 👅Use the larger cups for cheekbones, forehead +jaw/neck .Pinch to get suction and move in an upwards motion. Do this a couple times. Your face WILL turn red. This is your blood circulating. Its a good thing. 😱You can see once im done my left side, it looks MUCH TIGHTER and more LIFTED than my right. The results are instant!! Once youre done both sides, move the cup in circular motions to finish ⏰Do this for 5 mins, 2-3 times a week 🍕PS. in case you didnt notice..i was going thru a breakout :( Cupping is THE BEST when you have acne. I had a big videoshoot 2 days after i filmed this and my acne was literally GONE from doing this ALONE. As “uncomfortable” as it is to show flawed skin in the "perfect instagram world", I wanted to show you that im not perfect. "Perfect” skin is a process, and even if ur going thru a "bad skin day", you can take steps to make it better. It always gets better. In any situation (skin and life)⭐️🌞 Tag a friend you'd cup with 👇🏽👇🏽 Disclaimer: test cup 1st